Rapture Roleplay System

System Reference Document (SRD), v.3.0

The Fundamentals Terminology Introductions

Who Is the Referee (REF)?

The referee (REF) is the player who helps keep order over the happenings on, in-game and in-session, while embracing the chaos of gameplay and player-player interactions. The REF is not there to railroad storylines, stunt gameplay, or block player-player interactions A good REF will embrace the chaos, yes, but they will do so using the group’s rulings on those rules found here, prod players into meaningful interactions, and offer up those beautiful moments in gameplay that help create an enriching experience for everyone, including themselves. The REF, like the laws of physics, offers natural boundaries for acceptable play and fantastical fun to exist. Like gravity, the REF is there not to dole out meaningless consequences for actions taken or not taken, but, rather, to make consequences matter, make them fun, and, more importantly, make them consistent within the confines of the game’s story, the group’s shared universe, and the group’s expectations for meaningful gameplay and roleplaying.

What a Referee Is Not

In recent years, there has been a lot of meaningful discussion on the demands placed on referees in tabletop roleplaying games. To help those new referees with the stress of running a game and managing the various facets of any given game, this sourcebook offers five (5) pieces of advice for players and their referees to keep in mind, take them or leave them entirely:

Some Guidance for Referees

Who Are the Players?

The players’ primary jobs are to take on the responsibilities for portraying the game’s protagonists, which will be referred to here on out as player character (PC). As a player, you make decisions on behalf of your character (PC) and describe to everyone else, including the referee, what your character says and does in-game. Players will also be mindful and take care of the mechanic side of being a character—rolling dice when it is appropriate, choose what abilities to use in certain situaations, and keeping track of health, grit, resolve, armor, ammo, and much more.

Some Guidance for Players

The Fundamentals Terminology Introductions