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Below, readers will find a living synopsis for Dark Autumn.


Our story begins with ash and dust. Our story is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who would glorify the atrocities of the past. The twenty-first century was a real kick in the teeth. It was as if the whole world was coming to an end—all at once. First the Russians and Chinese decided it was time to start shooting at each other. Then the U.S. began intervening, and soon enough World War Three happened. It didn’t last more than a few months, with plenty of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons unleashed on the world. It ended with no real winners but plenty of losers. The government in the States collapsed, with New Jerusalem and the Second Republic filling the void and divvying up the continent between them—minus the poor fucks stuck in limbo in the north-south DMZ. Now, after a tenuous peace, New Jerusalem, under their faith leader, has begun mobilizing troops to bring back God’s New Jerusalem and unify the country under His will. The Second Republic, rich from rebuilding the world, is also saber rattling, hoping to unify the continent in the name of money and democracy. Those stuck in the middle are left wondering how long the next war will last. Amidst the looming threat of war and the chaos of everyday life, Dark Autumn follows a cast of characters struggling to live, struggling to find their places, all the while keeping true to themselves and their ideals. Some succeed. Many don’t.

The following Web serial, Dark Autumn, is copyright © 2019–2022 by G. Michael Rapp and Tyler McAlister. All rights reserved. Feel free to share with friends, colleagues, your neighborhood cats, and coworkers. Remember to give credit where credit is due.